Build a social life in France

Our aim is to integrate our members into the local society; so whether you are a local french speaker, or hail from a different country you will be warmly welcome. We actively encourage members to learn to speak the French language. We have around 60 members who come from Holland, France, Belgium and England who live in departments, 61 Orne, 14 Calvados and 27 Eure.

Make new friends

For many members who had felt a little isolated in their new country, the association has provided the opportunity to make new friends, to receive support and to exchange useful information.
In addition we provide a bi-monthly newsletter as well as a news-sheet for selling, swapping used items.

Alliance Anglo Normande

We are an association set up in 2005 under french Law and facilitate access to extremely good french language courses. The courses are varied and cater for different levels of competence. They are interactive, enthusiastic and fun.
The french language courses, are held in Livarot; the sessions are run by a french professor of art who together with the director of the cultural centre provides a superb environment for encouraging learning. At present each one and half hour lesson costs are paid for at the end of the term to the director and are 50 euros per term; which we feel is exceptional value. If you require further information we can help. The centre in Livarot also provides English lessons. In Eure we have links with the Mary Poppins Association an excellent locally run organisation that provides both French and English courses at an extremely reasonable price.


As an association we feel that it is extremely important to support local charities; and have been proactive in this respect for a number of years, supporting Handichiens who provide trained service and assistance dogs. Last year we purchased our third dog who is currently undergoing training. We know that with our support we are helping to assist a local person or family who with the help of a dog can live an independent life in their home. This year we are looking to extend our support to other organisations and hope that you will want to join us in our efforts.

Interactive social programme

There is an interactive social programme, which include coffee and tea afternoons, Quiz nights, meals, summer bar-b-q, walks, visits and various evening events. Don’t forget to check our Events page for coming events.