About Us

Alliance Anglo Normande Association

We are an Association set up in 2005 under French Law with the specific aim of helping English speakers to integrate into the French way of life through mutual help in dealing with aspects of French bureaucracy, numerous and varied social events and we ensure facilitation of good French language courses. .

We have around 60 members, which includes, British, Dutch, Belgian and French, who live in Departments, 61 Orne, 14 Calvados and 27 Eure.
There is an active social programme, which includes coffee and tea afternoons, Quiz nights, meals, summer bar-b-q, walks, visits and various evening events.

The French conversation courses, are held in Livarot; the sesssions are run by the director of the cultural centre and include groups for most abilities. At present each one and half hour lesson costs are paid directly to the centre at the end of each term and are 50 euros per term; which we feel is exceptional value.

If you require further information we can provide contact details for the centre.

For many members who had felt a little isolated in their new country, the Association has provided the opportunity to make new friends, to receive support and to exchange useful information.
We have an annual subscription of €15 per person payable in January every year.

Should you have any additional questions please email or telephone the Secretary, Norma Reay, or the President, Eliane Lavandon. We attach a membership application, should you wish to join this growing Association.